About Us

About us

We focus on the daily basis problems which can be solve by simpler and more convenient .Our main aim is to focus on the problems that can be converted into tech gizmos which will be easier for the people to cope of with. So we emphasis on this part of problem on which society needs that is the need of the blood.As it is the precious and can’t be generated by man-made as it is natural occurring and have to be conserved so that would be helpful to the needy.And need doesn’t mean it is available,sometimes it may not so to be available for all,its need a easy access to be the part of it as to be made easier and covinient to people.We ‘ON”coders try to make things like this which would be easier and covinient things which would be use by people and for the mankind as in health as its plays a major role in the things.


This gives stress to understand the value of blood and to help the donor and the receptor to come under a single platform and be a part of it.It can be link to all types of blood bank and come under a single place for the both.