who could you help?

  • A man name james Harrison saves two millions babies.After needing 13 litres of blood for the surgery ,at the age of 13 he pleged to donatye the blood once when he turned 18 ,soon discovered his blood contain a rare antigen which cure rhesus disesases,62 years later he has donated blood a record of 1000 times and served over 2000000 lives.
  • This is just the example of one,there are many to be done so donating blood is like to serve to god because lives are saved due to you.
  • There are n numbers of cases where the blood are required as it cannot be created but transformed for a nobel cause.
  • Directetly or indirectly you wouldnget blessimg from them and if you see them a moment mesmorrises feeling comes which you would experience.